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Current Version 1.0.2

What's MyBashBurn?

Basically, it is no more than a Terminal User Interface (TUI) frontend based of the CD burning shell script called BashBurn for Linux®; this originally does not have the best eye-candy CD-burning UI, nevertheless, MyBashBurn uses dialog boxes/functions which draws (using ncurses) windows onto the screen. MyBashBurn dialog boxes offer good functionality, and has very good capabilities of automatically finding dependencies and auto detecting devices CD/DVD RW. In short, do not reinvent the wheel - just let MyBashBurn do what you want it to do.

MyBashBurn can burn data Cd's, music Cd's, multisession Cd's. It can burn and create ISO files. It can burn bin/cue files, create mp3s, oggs and flac files. Supports burning DVD-images and data DVDs, and other funny options. Also makes use of advanced and extensive regular expressions for the control of the capabilities of backend applications to burn and create audio files. MyBashBurn depends on cdrecord and other backend applications, so basically if your writing device works with it, MyBashBurn will work flawlessly.

Brief history.

MyBashBurn was born from a thought of how to create an alternative to the User Interface (UI) of the classic BashBurn created by Anders Lindén and others.

My first code fix I sent to BashBurn 1.4 (2004) was applied, and there were more bug fixes and some proposed enhancement from my side to this project, it was good. Later I started more mature work, I announced in 2005-07-09 a New BashBurn TUI, planning that I could separate the UI code from Bashburn and switch between Classic UI and Dialog UI. For a lot of people this seemed a very good idea; nevertheless, for the BashBurn authors they thought the spirit of main project would be damaged, they didn't have enough time for applying proposed sources or didn't want to apply the changes.

I decided to make a BashBurn branch, and a new project named MyBashBurn was started in November 2006 from BashBurn SVN and only have a dialog box with some options to demonstrate the intention of this project.

If you are interested to know more about both projects read this discussion and this other post.

23 Dic 2008 - Bug tracker: (#2460712) problem setting CD-Reader device
Minor MyBashBurn bug:
        - All distribution (details).

27 Feb 2008 - News: OS-Especific Packages
MyBashBurn present at the official repositories of the four major Linux distributions:
        - Debian (aptitude/apt).
        - Ubuntu (aptitude/apt).
        - Gentoo (emerge).
        - Fedora (yum).
    A full and easy installation process for each distribution at Support section.
28 May 2007 - NEW RELEASE 1.0.2 - Visnu
More Clean up code.
- Fixed bug of compatibility for RHEL and CentOS Enterprise Linux. (#1727042).
        - Fixed bug on define burn data menu when navigate names with blank spaces (#1630644).
        - Updated Makefile.
        - Updated man and INSTALL files.      

04 May 2007 - MyBashBurn now part of Debian Unstable/Testing.

20 April 2007 - MyBashBurn now part of Debian/unstable.
        - Package candidate 1.0.1 accepted on section utils.
        - Just "aptitude install mybashburn" to install MyBashBurn on your Debian/unstable system.
        - Link on
        - Added installation by Debian way in Users section.

07 January 2007 - NEW RELEASE 1.0.1
- Better auto detection of devices cdreader.
- Removed file by more easy and flexible Makefile.
- Added function against race conditions on temp files.
- Added statusbar feature.
- Changed the old location /usr/local/BashBurn by /usr/share/mybashburn.
- Now MyBashBurn look for the /etc/mybashburnrc, ~/.mybashburnrc in that order.
- Updated man file.
- Support translate of cancel, exit, and help button on some dialog.
- Added more english and spanish translate.
- Option of change the 'root directory' have been deprecated for some time and will be removed.
- Cleanup functions.
15 December 2006 -
New SVN testing version of MyBashBurn
Only for Beta tester.
       - Removed by more easy and flexible Makefile with install/uninstall capabilities.
         (see INSTALL file for details or Users Support.
       - Changed
the old location /usr/local/BashBurn by /usr/share/mybashburn (adjust to LSB standards).
       - Now MyBashBurn look for the /etc/mybashburnrc, ~/.mybashburnrc in that order.
       - Cleanup functions.
       - Update Info for Users and developers.     

13 December 2006
        - English gramatical correction for this page.
        - Updated RPM/SRPMS only for Fedora Core users config file feature

12 December 2006.
        - Now provide for this project resources as mailing list, web page,
          stats and SVN direct access.         
        - Download files now on
        - New domain to link here.

21 November 2006. - Initial version of MyBashBurn 1.0
- Based on SVN BashBurn-1.8.0 (2005-11-10. see changelog).
- More of thirty dialog box.
- Auto detection of devices CD/DVD RW, driver options, languages and mount point.
- Added a 'lock dir' that warning about multiple instances.
- Include manual (man mybashburn).
- Packaging in rpm, deb and tarball. (Contributors for others distributions are welcome).
- Testing only with Linux® and dialog-1.0 (20051107).

The releases can be found on the standard SourceForge project page which will redirect you to the SourceForge mirrors. The files released by this project are Deb, RPM (for Fedora and RHEL), SRPM and Source Tarball. For easy installation of MyBashBurn checkout Support section



Red Hat based systems, Use RPM as root to install:

$ rpm -ivh mybashburn-1.0.1.noarch.rpm

To perform the uninstall process, type the next command as root:

$ rpm -e mybashburn

Fedora 8 systems, Use yum as root to install:

$ yum install mybashburn

To perform the uninstall process, type the next command as root:

$ yum remove mybashburn

Ubuntu Gutsy and Debian testing/unstable based systems, Use aptitude as root to install, (recommend update the system before):

$ aptitude install mybashburn

To perform the uninstall process, type the next command as root:

$ aptitude purge mybashburn

Gentoo OS systems, Use emerge as root to install, (recommend update the system before):

$ emerge mybashburn

To perform the uninstall process, type the next command as root:

$ emerge --unmerge mybashburn

If you download a .tar.bz2/gz to perform an installation with default options, run the next command as root:

$ make install

Alternatively if you like, parameters can be specified in the command line, like this:

$ make prefix=/usr/local/ install

Install you config file as user:

$ make conf

To perform the uninstall process, type the next command (with or without some parameters in the command line) as root:

$ make uninstall

When this package is installed launch the program opening any console and type:

$ mybashburn

To access and read the manual type:

$ man mybashburn

When running for first time, remember to setup MyBashBurn in the menu "Configure MyBashBurn" before trying to use it. Also you can check your system applications by using the option in the menu "Check Program Paths" search function and install manually if you do not have the applications required. If you use the tarball source, read the omnipresent INSTALL file containing specific install instructions; also read the HOWTO and the rest of the documentation.

If you encounter any problems or have any "how to use" questions take a look at the community discussion MyBashBurn Mailing List.

The standard location of MyBashBurn now is "/usr/share/mybashburn/" if you want to install to a non-standard location, think hard before doing it, also note that the main file and configuration file are called and mybashburnrc respectively. Generally for major portability to the BourneShell, BASH or KornShell use only UNIX commands, and please avoid embedded language scripting such as Perl, Python and others.

Some configuration files are created with "mktemp" which is necessary for the functionality of MyBashBurn in - these files in /tmp/ may not be removed after the closing the application, for some temporary files are static and these can cause bugs and security holes; if you know how do an atomic make-and-removed operation, please contact me.
There are some ugly code bugs in this release, please check 'man mybashburn' section 'BUGS' for more information.

If you want to help with language translations to BashBurn and later migrate to MyBashburn (or vice versa), you might send me a copy with the trivial changes, for example:
  1. BashBurn / MyBashBurn
  2. /
The example of commands above can be achieved by:

$ perl -i.back -pe 's/\/mybashburn/' MyLanguage/*

Note that mybashburn has the capability to auto-detect the language translation files which transcribe to the menus (as does bashburn) selected in the configuration options, but bashburn uses a tab char '\t' which mybashburn automatically filter checks and changes/fixes if necessary.

Check out the file TODO for information of considerations and additions/features "to do".

Now download a SVN copy:

$ svn checkout

Write/Modify code and examine your changes:

$ svn status

$ svn diff

Opps a mistake, no problem undo most local edits:

$ svn revert

NOTE: Remember that when something can be done better, it's implemented and tested, and later included into the source code but not included without testing.

When finished of testing you code so commit your changes:
(Only members, send a mail to mybashburn mailing list request to be a member)

$ svn commit -m "YY/MM/DD - Add/Delete XY capabilities"

Visit the next URL:

Read more info about SVN.

If you doesn't want use SVN, so write code sending me the patch and please make sure that you remember to add a brief comment explaining them, your full name and consider preserving the files' time stamp so use this diff format (e.g.):

$ diff -Nru >

Finally you can also help us with any collaboration in infrastructure, system versions, hard testing, translating, writing documentation, art, suggestions and corrections - anything is welcome; to know more please join the community discussion MyBashBurn Mailing List.


- Wilmer Jaramillo M. by MyBashBurn Full Dialog Box.
- Anders Lindén by to have written BashBurn Core.
- Thanks all users and developers of BashBurn.

- Please report any bugs found in this version of MyBashBurn to <wilmer at fedoraproject dot org> or post on the MyBashBurn mailing list.
- Please send mails about translation and documentation to the MyBashBurn mailing list.


Useful links for obtaining more information:
- BashBurn - BigBrother of MyBashBurn.
- Mp3Blaster -  Is an mp3 player entirely text based.

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